Mr Dell poses happily for snappers outside his home last night

A London man who joined a demonstration about the proposed closure of a local nursery school was unable to join in the anti-government chanting because he felt self-conscious and out-of-place amongst the largely female gathering

 Toby Dell, a 45-year-old assembly line worker from Whitechapel in East London, contented himself with moving his “Save Our Nursery” placard, up and down in time with the chants of, “Tory Cuts. No! No! No!”

 Speaking to us from outside his home where he lives with his mother and their West Highland Terrier, Mr Dell said: “Even though I feel very strongly about the proposed axing of the nursery, there was just no way I could join in the chanting, especially with so many women around me.

“I felt that by just moving my banner up and down in time with their chanting I’d somehow get my point across.

“After it was all over, one of the ladies asked me if I would like to join them all for a coffee in the local community centre, but I went home instead”.

 East London Self-Effacement Gazette