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US President Donald Trump has reportedly lost over a million Facebook friends in the last week after he posted a series of status updates containing photos of his evening meals.

On Friday of last week, and over the weekend, Trump posted pictures of a plate of pork chops with boiled potatoes and peas, a bowl of Irish stew with bits of bread in it, and a chicken curry with basmati rice and naan bread.

Each photo was accompanied with short observations such as “Yummmm!” and “Scrummy!” and showed his empty plate afterwards with his knife and fork arranged neatly side by side.

Trump took to Twitter last night and confirmed that, “a number of losers” had unfriended him in the last week. He then blamed it on “negative fake news media coverage and disloyalty bordering on treason from the failing CIA and the so-called FBI.”

In a brief statement to Breitbart News and Playboy magazine, Trump’s media spokesman Sean Spicer, said: “The President wishes it to be known that there has been some un-American activity by a small number of enemies of the people on his friends list.

“These people have now been identified as potentially dangerous insurgents and measures will be put in place to deal with them in due course”

In what is being seen as a defiant signal to his detractors, Trump last note posted a number of grainy photographs of his children as babies on his page, along with a status update in which he claimed to be feeling unwell and in need of “hugzzzz”

Thus far, there has only been one reply, from a Mr Stephen K Bannon, who responded with: “You ok hun? PM me babe”