prince andrew
He’s the pits. ‘Randy’ Andy, pictured looking all innocent last night

from our royal, deep shaft correspondent, Danny SoZ

The former general manager of a South Wales coal mine is claiming that he saw Prince Andrew romping with over a dozen mine workers during an official royal visit in the 1980s.

Toby Dellwellyn, 87, told The Whitechapel Whelk that the Queen’s son slipped away from the pit manager, who was giving him a conducted tour of the mine near Llandudno, and began having sex with a dozen or more miners who were on their lunch break.

“At first everything was going very well” Mr Dellwellyn said. “The Prince seemed genuinely interested as I pointed out various coal seams and explained how some of the machinery operated.

“Then he spotted a few of the lads having their tea and sandwiches and told me he was just going over for a quick chat. Before I could prevent him, he took his trousers off and started having sex with the boys one after the other. I tried to pull him off but he was too strong.

“After he’d finished he just acted as if nothing had happened and asked me if I could show him round the canteen.

“I must confess I was pretty taken aback by his behaviour. At the end of the day it’s not the sort of thing you expect from a royal, is it?”

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson strongly denied Mr Dellwelyn’s claim last night. Speaking to a Whelk reporter at the palace gates, he said: “There is absolutely no truth in this claim whatsoever. On the day in question, His Royal Highness was on holiday in Mustique with a party of sexually confused bricklayers from Cardiff”