Two-fisted. Fry confronts journalists shortly before last night’s ill-fated convention

Actor and comedian, Stephen Fry, was being held in an East London police cell last night after an altercation outside a Whitechapel venue where a convention of fans of the victorian sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, had taken place earlier in the evening.

Following the disturbance, a 46-year-old man was taken to hospital with a suspected broken nose after Fry had allegedly head-butted him following a disagreement about the sub-plot of the iconic Holmes mystery: The Sign of Four.

An eye-witness to the alleged attack told reporters: “The evening had gone really well. We’d had a couple of guest speakers and then a showing of the 1939 version of The Hound of The Baskervilles starring Basil Rathbone.

“At the end of the evening, we all went to the bar for a drink. It was then that I noticed Stephen Fry and this other bloke having a heated argument about The Sign of Four.

“There was some pushing and shoving but nothing too serious and I thought it had all blown over.

“However, when I got outside, I saw Fry leaning on his car smoking. He looked pretty pissed off to be honest with you.

“Then, as the other bloke came out, Fry went running over to him, shouting the odds and threatening to knock him out.

“The bloke said something back and Fry just nutted him. He went down like a sack of spuds and seemed to be out cold.

” Fry then went to put the boot in, but a woman he was with came running over and told him to, “just leave it” and that he “wasn’t worth it”

“Somebody must have called the police because a van arrived and he was taken away in handcuffs, still swearing and shouting that he knew where the other bloke lived”

This latest incident comes just 2 weeks after Eastenders, ‘Dot Cotton’ actress, June Brown, 89, was remanded in custody at Bow Street magistrate’s court after allegedly hitting fellow cast member, Danny Dyer, over the head with a hammer.