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One of Mr Dell’s selections putting in a final burst at the first fence during The Gold Cup


A 32-year-old woman from Whitechapel in East London has told The Whelk of her delight when her husband arrived home from a day at The Cheltenham Festival last week and revealed that he’d lost his entire month’s salary on a series of losing bets at the iconic horse racing event.

Mrs Tracy Dell, a housewife and mother of 5, told us: When my husband, Toby, told me that he’d done our entire month’s money in the bookie’s tent at Cheltenham I almost jumped for joy, so great was my delight.

“He only does it for me and the kids you know. He’s just trying to build a better life for us. I’m so lucky to have a selfless and devoted husband like him.

“Now, I can’t wait for Epsom to start to be honest. With any luck, he’ll remortgage the house and blow the lot on a 500 to 1 outsider in The Oaks”

Source: The Cheltenham Bookmakers Tribune