Mr Dell’s crocodile, ‘Wally’ poses happily for reporters last night


A man who threw his girlfriend into an enclosure in his back garden where she was devoured by an adult male crocodile he kept as a pet, has expressed his annoyance at his subsequent arrest and the negative reaction he has received from neighbours living close to his home in Commercial Road, Whitechapel.

Toby Dell, a 32-year-old carpet fitter, issued a statement from Brixton Prison where he is being held on remand awaiting trial for murder and for keeping a dangerous pet.

“I can’t believe the fuss that’s being made about this one to be honest. All couples have small disagreements from time to time and we were no different.

“She deliberately walked in front of the TV just as West Ham were taking a penalty and made me miss the goal.

“When I complained, she started laughing, so I grabbed her and threw her to the crocodile in the back garden.

“On reflection, I may have been a bit hasty, and perhaps I should have tried to talk it through with her, but we’re all entitled to make the odd mistake surely. People should just move on and get on with their lives.”

This latest incident comes just 2 weeks after a woman, from Fulham in South West London, killed her husband after he refused to take the rubbish out until it stopped raining by pushing him into the family fish tank containing over a hundred flesh-eating piranhas.