“Be right with you after I’ve holed this six-footer, boys”


White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, has told a press briefing that President Barack Obama, played a type of golf that was detrimental to America during his tenure, whereas, President Trump uses the game to formulate his plans for making America great again.

Trump has come under increasing media pressure and public ridicule for spending weekends playing golf at his luxury retreat in Mar El Lago at the American taxpayer’s expense despite having castigated his predecessor for playing one or two rounds a year during his 8-year tenure at The White House.

“President Obama played golf purely for relaxation and for his own selfish pleasure,” Spicer told the briefing. “President Trump, on the other hand, uses his time on the course to benefit The United States of America.

“Some of his most important policies have been formulated while playing golf. Things like the 30-day destruction of ISIS, the repealing of ObamaCare and the Muslim ban.

“He doesn’t even like golf” Spicer went on. “It’s hell for him out on that course. He only puts himself through it to benefit the American people”

A spokesperson for The Democratic Party responded to Spicer’s comments last night: “Say what?” he exclaimed, holding his sides and dabbing at his eyes.


trump golf swing
“I’m gonna build a bigly wall and the European Ryder Cup team are gonna pay for it!”