kid smoking weed

Following the recent ruling that taking children out of school for family holidays is illegal, a High Court judge yesterday ruled that parents who ask their children to tend their cannabis crops during school term time will be made to pay a fine dependent on the size of the farm in question.

The ruling came after a London man contested a fine handed down to him after he took his 9-year-old son out of school for two weeks to harvest his marijuana crop and bag it up for sale on the street.

Mr Toby Dell, 37, an unemployed van driver from Whitechapel, expressed his disappointment outside the court building: “I’m pretty upset at this ruling, to be honest. I was just trying to strike a blow for all parents who need a little help getting their weed processed and ready for pedalling on the streets.

“At the end of the day, surely it’s educational for kids to see how things grow and it also gives them an insight into the world of commerce and the chance to see the principle of supply and demand in action.

“I was going to make sure he took a few books with him to the outbuilding where I grow my stuff so that he could do a bit of studying while he was sorting out the gear. I can’t understand the thinking behind this ruling, to be honest”

The judgement comes just two months after a 30-year-old mother in Hartlepool was fined £50 for using her 4 children to hand out flyers advertising her BDSM sex dungeon a week before the start of half term.