olly meme

The Chairwoman of the Whitechapel branch of The Women’s Institute has made the shock claim, that, pop icon, Olly Murs, offered her five pounds in cash if she would arrange for the entire 200 strong branch to sit on his huge face simultaneously at his luxury flat in nearby Wapping.

Mrs Tracy Dell, 54, a housewife and former world speed crocheting champion, told The Whelk.

“Olly Murs approached me after a branch meeting last Wednesday and asked for a word in private.

“We went to a local teashop where he paid for a pot of tea and a plate of coconut macaroons.

“He seemed very nice at first and we chatted about cookery, needlecraft and dealing with persistent groupies.

“Then he offered me five pounds if I would arrange for the other ladies to come to his flat on Friday and sit on his massive face all at the same time.

“Naturally I was disgusted at this and hurriedly made my excuses and left. I was going to tell my husband when I got home, but I didn’t want to risk him getting into trouble with the police for punching Olly’s gigantic face in”

Murs strongly denied the accusation last night: “I have never asked The Whitechapel Women’s Institute to sit on my big face. This lady is clearly mistaken. I freely admit I met her, but all I did was offer her a fiver for half a dozen jars of elderberry preserve for my mum”

This revelation comes just 3 days after, millionaire pop mogul, Simon Cowell, was accused of offering The Dagenham Girl Pipers 75 pence to climb down the front of his enormous trousers