A baby pictured saving a bob or two last night.


A 42-year-old Whitechapel woman, who replaced the pill with a homoeopathic contraceptive in her late teens, has just given birth to her 18th child in The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.

Mrs Tracy Dell, a sheet metal worker, has now had 10 girls and 8 boys with her market trader husband, Toby, since she gave up taking the contraceptive pill in favour of homoeopathy in 1994.

Mrs Dell told us last night: “The pill was bringing me out in spots and making me depressed, so I stopped taking it and started taking these homoeopathic tablets made from a type of grass and since then I’ve never looked back.

“The mood swings disappeared within days and my acne almost vanished overnight. When people tell me homoeopathic medicine doesn’t work I laugh and tell them of my own success with it. They soon think again after that I can tell you”

Mrs Dell’s husband, also a big fan of homoeopathy who uses it to treat his chronic asthma, was unable to speak to us last night as he’s currently in nearby Shoreditch General Hospital, where he is breathing with the aid of an iron lung.