toilet 2

A Whitechapel council worker who suffers from severe constipation is claiming that he was unfairly dismissed by his employers after he was sacked in January this year for misconduct, having spent 327 days in the toilet during last year.

Toby Dell, 47, a gardener, told The Whitechapel Whelk that he felt the council had treated him unfairly and had deliberately targeted him due to his condition.

“I freely admit I spent a fair bit of time in the toilet,” he told us yesterday. “But I can’t help being constipated.

“I’ve tried all the usual remedies; prunes, syrup of figs, and even liquid paraffin, but nothing seems to do the trick.

“The last time I managed a decent clearout was after a heavy night on the Guinness followed by a lamb vindaloo in October last year.

“When I sat down on the chod bin it was like tipping a sack of King Edwards into a tin bucket.

“I couldn’t believe it when the council sacked me. I explained my condition and told them that I always read books about gardening while waiting to lay a loaf but they wouldn’t have it so I’m taking them to a tribunal.”

Mr Dell’s fight comes 2 months after a woman from nearby Shoreditch sued the council for unfair dismissal after she failed to show up for work as a lavatory attendant for 12 years claiming she had claustrophobia and a disinfectant allergy