trump clooney kids
Trump pictured with the executive order calling for infanticide last night


US President, Donald Trump, has issued an executive order calling for the newborn twins of actor, George Clooney, to be put to death immediately.

The controversial move is seen as an act of revenge by the president who has often been the butt of criticism by left-leaning, human rights advocate, Clooney.

According to a White House insider, Trump flew into a great rage when he learned of the birth and began running from room to room, tearing at his clothes and screaming for the infants to be put to the sword lest they usurp him when they reach adulthood.

Unfortunately for the president, the order is likely to be rejected by The Supreme Court, although many political commentators are predicting that it will be a close-run thing.

This is only the second time an elected president has openly called for the killing of an infant.

In 1830, President Andrew Jackson issued an order calling for the death of the 2-year-old child of his vice-president, John Calhoun, after the youngster spilt his lemonade on The Oval Office carpet as the two men were debating a possible war with Spain.