Mrs Dell pictured in happier times in 1979


The body of a woman whose family reported her missing 6 months ago has been found inside a life-sized model of Star Wars droid, R2-D2, that she built from scrap metal in 1977 shortly after the release of the first epic.

Mary Dell, 50, was an avid fan of the sci-fi blockbuster movies, and according to her husband, Toby, 57, had become increasingly depressed following R2’s death in August last year.

“Mary became almost reclusive after R2 passed away”, he told The Whelk.

“She used to spend hours upstairs in the bedroom inside her R2 model. Me and the kids often used to shout up to her, as the noise of the rumbling on the floorboards made it difficult to hear the telly.

She stopped speaking to people and used to communicate by making those clicking and whistling sounds that R2 used to make in the films. It used to get on my nerves to be honest.

“Our sex life became almost non-existent and I had already filed for a divorce when she suddenly vanished 6 months ago.

“Looking back, I suppose I should have checked inside her model of R2, but it just didn’t occur to me”

“I’ll probably have it melted down for scrap after this unless any of the grandkids want it to play with”

It’s a sad business, to be honest, but it’s what she would have wanted at the end of the day”

Mrs Dell will be laid to rest next Tuesday at Whitechapel Cemetery where neither, Star Wars director, George Lucas, nor any of the cast and crew will be in attendance.