from our showbiz and moon-faced, little Geordie bastards editor, Danny SoZ

Popular TV hosts, Ant & Dec, earn a staggering £25 a week each according to a new report out today.

The Daily Mail claim that the duo have been on the same salary for the last 30 years, making them among the lowest paid TV stars in the world after entertainer, Bruce Forsythe, who was on £15 a week until he retired last year with a small invalidity pension, and American chat show host, David Letterman, who earns $500 a year plus Luncheon Vouchers.

A spokesperson for ITV, for whom the two popular Geordies present Saturday night staples like, I’m A Celebrity and Britain’s Got Talent, told The Whitechapel Whelk: “The boys have been on 25 quid a week since we first signed them up to present a couple of kids programmes back in the 60s.

“They’re perfectly happy with the arrangement and we do sometimes let them have the odd free lunch from the catering van if they’re a bit short at the end of the week.”

We spoke to the pair outside their shared bedsit in Sunderland last night and asked them if rumours about their earnings were accurate.

Dec, 73, told us: “Way aye man. I diven’t nah how much we earn to be honest with you. But it must be a canny bit because we always have enough at the end of the week for ganning doon the toon for a pie and a pint man”

Partner Ant, 71, seemed equally happy. “Aye bonny lad, as long as we’ve got enough cash for a good feed and a bottle of Newcastle Brown we’re happy like.

“We’ve still got £1.50 left over from last week as it happens, so we’re thinking of putting our presenting suits on and ganning doon the toon to see if we can tash on with a couple of canny lassies and gi’ ’em a shagging back at wor place like”

Ant and Dec are now appearing at The London Palladium presenting a live version of Saturday Night Takeaway as well as clearing away glasses in the bar afterwards for £1.50 an hour plus tips.