Insufferable twat Morgan pictured in happier times before the PM brained him with a claw hammer


An early morning hammer attack by Prime Minister, Theresa May, on ITV breakfast show host, Piers Morgan, was being labelled in some quarters as a desperate bid to boost her flagging popularity ratings, following a disastrous performance in the recent election and a widely-criticised appearance at the scene of last week’s Grenfell Tower disaster.

According to eye-witnesses, Mrs May, confronted Morgan outside the ITV studio in central London at 7.00am this morning and was heard to shout: “Have some of this you fat turd” before dealing him a number of hefty blows to the head with a claw hammer.

May was eventually restrained by Morgan’s Good Mornng co-presenter, Susanna Reid, who dragged her away, shouting: “Just leave it Theresa. He’s not worth it”

Opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, last night poured scorn on what he called a “cynical attempt to curry favour with the people of this country.”

Corbyn then told reporters that he is flying to New York on a goodwill mission later in the week where he plans to wait outside the Fox News studios for controversial media personality, Katie Hopkins, and go for her with an axe.

A spokesman at The Royal London Hospital, where Morgan is being treated, told waiting reporters that Morgan is “refreshingly critical and not expected to last the night with a bit of luck”