Bunny Girl 1

It was announced last night that the last Playboy Bunny Girl, who was part of a specialist breeding program in the 60s, has passed away peacefully in her enclosure at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, California.

Candy Fabulous, 61 – real name, Beryl Arkwright and originally from Sheffield – died after a long battle with vascular dementia and also osteoarthritis – believed to have been brought on by many years of performing the famous ‘Bunny Dip’ while serving drinks to wealthy clients in various Playboy Clubs across The United States.

Playboy kingpin, Hugh Hefner, 103, appeared visibly moved as he told pressmen last night: “It’s a very sad day for me and for the Playboy organisation as a whole

“Candy was a real one-off who devoted her entire adult life to dressing up in a ridiculous outfit in order to serve refreshments to wealthy drunks, and also -whenever the occasion demanded –  to sleeping with a few of them for money. She’ll be missed by all who knew her”

Although Ms Fabulous was the last of the Playboy Bunnies bred in captivity, there are still said to be isolated pockets of small breeding groups in the foothills of The Himalayas, and also in and around Stepney Green tube station in East London, where they can sometimes be seen during the evening rush hour offering overpriced cocktails and hand jobs to well-heeled businessmen on the District Line.