trump book with whelk reccomendation

The iconic and definitive dictionary of the English language, The Oxford English Dictionary, has made the unprecedented move of giving a verb a dual meaning in their latest 2017 updated edition.

The Verb, ‘To Trump’ which was originally described in the dictionary as the playing of a high-value playing card in a game of Bridge, – has now been giving the alternative meaning of describing an act of utter stupidity or bungling incompetence.

The latest edition, published yesterday, contains the following entry:

1 – To commit an act of gross stupidity
1.1 – “Auntie Maude really trumped when she entered that lion’s enclosure covered in BBQ sauce”

1 – A dullard or nincompoop
1.1 – “You really believe that Brexit is going to be good for Britain’s economy? Are you some kind of fucking Trump or something?!”

1 -Describing a particularly poor choice or decision
1.1 – “I told my girlfriend that asking me to cut her hair with a pair of long-nose pliers would be a big fat trumping mistake but she wouldn’t listen.”

1 – For things to take a decided turn for the worse
1.1 (informal) – “I thought my sat-nav was working ok until it all went a bit Trump and I drove over the edge of a cliff”

This latest amendment follows hard on the heels of the dictionary’s decision last month to include the verb: ‘To Spicer’. Meaning, to humiliate oneself in public by spouting a torrent of risible nonsense and barefaced lies in front of a room full of journalists.