There was a mixed reaction amongst Conservative party supporters last night after ex-Employment Minister, Norman Tebbit, called for the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire disaster to be kicked in the buttocks in case they have entered this country illegally.

Tebbit, 147, told pressmen, “In my view, all these people should be given a really hard kick up the arse just to be on the safe side.

“It’s bad enough that they are being offered hotel rooms to stay in at the taxpayer’s expense with absolutely no prior checks to ensure that they hold a British passport.

“If I were running the show, they would all be lined up outside the wretched building and given a bloody good boot in the seat of their pants on the off-chance that they might be sponging off the state.

“Except the white ones. If they claim to be Brits we’ll just take their word for it, as long as they have a rudimentary knowledge of cricket and can ride a bicycle.”

In other news, USย President, Donald Trump, has called for the mass slaying of all Mexican infants born in that country within the last 3 years in case they try to climb over the wall into America when they grow up.