plumber porn

According to a recent report, the growing number of young men who have been exposed to hardcore online pornography since their early teens has led to a steep rise in applications for plumbing apprenticeships.

A spokesman for the Department of Trade and Industry who compiled the report, said last night: “The plumbing sector has been inundated with young male applicants, eager to begin on a career path that will lead to an above average wage, coupled with the added attraction of countless steamy romps with attractive, bored housewives on an almost daily basis

“Our research has lead us to believe that this can only be put down to the number of adult films that youngsters are constantly exposed to depicting tradesmen – and plumbers in particular – being offered sex on a plate by scantily-clad housewives while their husbands are at work”

The report also finds that young girls too have been influenced by the quantity of saucy material that is readily available these days.

When questioned, 95% of young women between 16 and 20 said they would definitely consider visiting a garage to pick up their car wearing just a fur coat and racy underwear, having left their credit cards at home on the table.