Predator-in-Chief? Disgraced sex case, Harvey Weinstein pictured in need of a shave and a prison term last night


Disgraced movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein has told friends that he intends to run for the presidency against Donald Trump in 2020, in what is already being dubbed, The Battle of The Pussy Grabbers.

A close friend of Weinstein told The Whelk last night: “Since all these actresses started coming out of the woodwork accusing him of sexual misconduct, Harvey’s been pretty much a broken man.

“He realises his movie-making days are over and that a tilt at the presidency may be the only career path open to him at this time.

“As a lifelong Democrat, he has contacted Hillary Clinton for advice, but she’s not picking up her cell. Bill, on the other hand, has been very supportive and has offered to give Harvey a few pointers on running a successful campaign and picking the right kind of intern once elected.”

A White House press officer laughed off the proposed challenge last night: “A self-confessed sex offender running for the highest office in the land? Get out of here. You’re kidding me, right?”