farage twat

A former lover of the right-wing political figure, Nigel Farage, has branded the former UKIP leader ‘cowardly’ after he allegedly ended their 6 months relationship using semaphore signals sent from a hill close to the woman’s home in July this year.

The 37-year-old woman told a Sunday newspaper: “Just before he dumped me, I received a text from Nigel asking me to look out of the bedroom window which I did.

“He was standing on top of a hill about a quarter of a mile away with the two semaphore flags at his sides.

“He then began signalling that he was sorry but he felt that our relationship was going nowhere and that he wanted to end it.

“He signalled that it was nothing that I had done and that I was a lovely woman who deserved better.

“Then, before I could fetch my own semaphore flags from the dresser to beg him to reconsider and to think of how much we had once meant to one another, he was gone.

“I felt devastated and used. In my view, Nigel acted in a cowardly manner and should have had the backbone to dump me by text, or at the very least, via a Facebook PM.”

Farage, who has been estranged from his German wife for a number of years, previously came under attack in June 2013 for making inappropriate lewd advances to a 22-year-old female UKIP party worker using a ship-to-ship Aldis lamp.