PC Ted (New) - Copy

Evening all

Policing a sprawling and diverse city like London can be a fraught, and even perilous business from time to time, but it does have its advantages too.

Take the opposite sex for example. Everyone knows that the ladies have a soft spot for a man in uniform and police officers are no exception.

Last Wednesday, I was having a few quiet drinks in the pub over the road from the station after a particularly gruelling shift when an attractive blonde came in and made a beeline for me.

We got chatting, and after we’d had a few more pints and 5 or 6 doubles, she invited me back to hers for a nightcap.

Once we got back to her flat she told me she was going to nip into the bedroom to slip into something more comfortable.

I realised at once that time was of the essence and quickly rifled through her cupboards until I found a bottle of Johnny Walker.

By the time she came out wearing stockings, suspenders and a flimsy negligee I was unconscious on the kitchen floor lying in a pool of piss and sick.

Evening all

PC Ted is the District Chairman of The Advanced Liver Disease Appreciation Society

Artwork by ‘JIF’. Check out her blog right here why doncha?