A Cornflake pictured in defiant mood last night


From our, ‘We’ve all been there’ correspondent, Danny Soz

A piece of Cornflake debris has reportedly remained stuck fast to a cereal bowl in a council home in Whitechapel in East London despite being subjected to 5 dishwasher cycles, 2 of which were on the ‘power wash’ setting.

The bowl’s owner, vehicle mechanic, Toby Dell, 37, a married father of 5, told The Whitechapel Whelk: “I noticed this bit of Cornflake stuck to the bowl after the first wash, so I put it in again, but despite putting it on the ‘normal wash’ setting and not  ‘economy’, it somehow survived.

“I then put it in for another 3 cycles, including 2 power washes, but I just couldn’t shift it. If anything, the hot air in the drying cycle seemed to weld it even more securely to the bowl.

“The missus told me to give it to her to wash up in the sink. She told me that she’d use a scourer on it, but there was no way I was giving in.

“Yesterday, I took it to work and put it in the sandblasting machine we use for cleaning spark plug electrodes but it survived that too.

“I eventually took it out into the yard and ran it over with the forklift. It felt like an enormous weight had been lifted from my shoulders”

Scientists have recently discovered that the bond between Cornflake debris and a clean flat surface is the strongest known to man and is in fact routinely used by budget airline, Ryanair, to fix the wings to their aircraft.