Meghan pictured being a mite too onery earlier this week

Prince Harry’s fiance, American actress, Meghan Markle, will hand in her twin, pearl-handled Colt 45s and her scattergun to The Lord Mayor of London in a solemn pre-wedding event just an hour before she ties the knot with Harry at Windsor Castle on May 19.

Meghan, who regularly practices her ‘gunplay’ by shooting cans off her back fence and putting holes through silver dollars tossed into the air by Prince Philip, is believed to be upset at parting with her beloved ‘shootin’ irons’ but understands that the move, which has been instigated by advisors to the Royal Family, is a sensible one in case she and Harry have a row and she ends up filling him full of lead.

It is believed that Meghan is also unhappy at an earlier Palace directive which stipulates that she must tie her horse to the railings outside Buckingham Palace before she joins The Royal Family for the traditional Sunday evening blackjack and redeye sessions in The Billy The Kid Suite.