boxing glove on a spring

A 52-year-old Whitechapel man was knocked unconscious by a boxing glove on a spring that shot out of his PC monitor after he switched off the machine during a Windows update yesterday morning.

Toby Dell, a forklift truck quality control inspector, told us yesterday: “I switched on my computer as normal yesterday morning and spotted a notification asking me to restart the machine so that important updates could be installed.

“I went to my menu and clicked on ‘restart and update’ and went to make a cup of tea.

“When I got back, it had still only completed 15% of the update so I sat down to await completion of the process.

“Half an hour later, it had only reached 18%. I needed to get off to work so I decided to defy the message telling me not to switch off and held down the power button.

“It was then that a boxing glove on a spring shot out of the screen and punched me in the face.

“It packed a real punch and knocked me off my chair. I must have been unconscious for quite some time and only came round when my wife threw a bucket of water over me and began fanning me with a towel.

“I contacted the customer service department of PC World where I bought the machine but the woman on the phone told me to fuck off out of it.”

This latest incident comes just weeks after a 47-year-old woman from neighbouring Shadwell had her fingers broken when her laptop lid repeatedly slammed itself down on them as she tried to switch her machine to hibernation mode during a scheduled scan by Windows Defender.