facebook piss take

Facebook supremo, Mark Zuckerberg, yesterday told a US joint Senate committee that he accepts full responsibility for millions of Facebook subscribers being subjected to photographs of other people’s dinners since the social media platform was formed 14 years ago.

Zuckerberg looked visibly upset for the first time since his interrogation by the joint committee began 3 days ago.

His voice wavered and he took repeated sips from a glass of water as he admitted that the responsibility for the dinner pics was his and his alone

“I formed the company and therefore any dinner pics that are posted are my responsibility and mine alone.

“When we first came up with the idea of a global social media platform we had no idea that it would lead to people uploading pictures of their dinners. It just didn’t occur to us that fuckwittery on that scale even existed. I’m so very sorry.”

Asked if he had ever been sent dinner pictures himself, he looked visibly shaken and paused momentarily before admitting that somebody on his friends list once put up a picture of a plate of sausages and mash with the caption: “Now for the thick onion gravy. Yum!”

Zuckerberg will today face Senate inquisitors who will be demanding answers on why the site allows people to upload pictures of their hideous kids and to drone on endlessly about their fucking ailments or their bastard veganism.