piers morgan
Morgan confides in co-presenter, Susanna Reid that he only has weeks to live

A 54-year-old cleaner who works in the Good Morning Britain studio is claiming that stepping in the trail of slime left by presenter, Piers Morgan, cleared up a stubborn verruca on her right foot just hours after the incident occurred.

Mrs Tracy Dell, from Whitechapel in East London, The Whelk: “It happened last Monday lunchtime. I was mopping up Piers Morgan’s slime, or his snail trail as we call it, when I accidentally stepped in a bit that I’d missed.

“It was a very hot day and I was working barefoot at the time so I ended up with a fair bit of slime on the underside of my foot. Some even oozed up between my toes

“I was horrified and dunked my foot in my bucket to rinse it off straight away, but what I didn’t realise was that his slime was getting to work on my verruca and that a cure was just hours away.

“When I took my shoes off at home later it was gone. I couldn’t believe my luck to be honest, and if Piers wasn’t such an ocean-going dickwad, I’d thank him personally”

Mrs Dell’s revelation comes just 2 weeks after a 35-year-old ardent Remain voter who had a furious face-to-face slanging match with Conservative backbencher and Brexit hardliner, Jacob Rees-Mogg, told The Sunday Times that flecks of Rees-Mogg’s spittle had cleared up his blackheads.