An ancient photograph taken by St James at The Last Supper showing Rogers in fine form.


The Royal London Society of Theologians last night made the sensational claim that 1940’s film legend, Ginger Rogers, played a medley of tunes on the piano accordion at the final gathering of Christ and his disciples, known as, The Last Supper, before His arrest and crucifixion by the Romans.

Rogers, whose true age has never been verified but who is believed to have been in her early thirties at the time, played a medley of sea shanties, including, Hearts of Oak, Anchors Aweigh, and Blow The Man Down.

Verification has now been confirmed following the discovery of a scroll believed to have been written by St Thomas, in which he states: “We were all feeling a bit depressed because it was The Last Supper, so when Ginger turned up and played a few shanties, it was just what the doctor ordered.

“A couple of the lads even got up and had a little dance, and even Jesus was tapping his foot under the table”

It is not known at this time whether Rogers was hired by one of The Disciples beforehand or whether she was a part of the in-house entertainment laid on by the inn.

This latest revelation comes just a year after a 2000-year-old document revealed that iconic song and dance man, Sammy Davis Junior, sang, Hit The Road Jack, and the theme tune from Rawhide, during Christ’s appearance before Pontius Pilate on charges of sedition and vandalising the temple.