In a surprise move, entertainer and chat show host, Des O’Connor has announced that he has converted to the Islamic faith and now wishes to be known as, Abdullah Yusuf Ali Khan.

The 107-year-old, Dick A Dum Dum star told newsmen: “I’ve been looking for a new direction for some time now.

“When Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise passed away I felt as if my whole world had collapsed and I turned to religion to help me get through those dark days.

“I tried Catholicism, Buddhism, Taoism, and even had a short stint as a Jehovah’s Witness, but I never really found fulfilment with any of them, to be honest.

“The Jehovah’s Witness period was probably the worst and I’d regularly come home with black eyes or covered in piss that people had thrown over me from upstairs windows.

“So, I’ve decided to embrace Allah in the hope that I’ll find peace within the teachings of The Holy Quoran.

“Not only that, if I get radicalised, I might get commisioned to carry out a suicide atrocity and end up bollocks deep in 72 virgins.”

O’Connors move has met with criticism from other members of the entertainment world, with Scottish pop icon, Lulu, describing it as “bizarre”, and Sporty Spice describing him as “a fucking idiot”

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