jacob xmas carols

For those unfamiliar with the British political scene and the current Brexit machinations that are making us all slump face down into the soup course, Rees-Mogg is a privileged, feeble-minded, Old Etonian twat and backbench Conservative MP who used to stand for the National Anthem when he was alone in his study at school, and is still living in the Britain of Admiral Lord Nelson and The Duke of Wellington, and who ardently believes it will be in the countries best interests to crash out of the Brexit negotiations with absolutely no deal on the table, despite being warned against it by the Governor of The Bank of England (whom he attacked yesterday for having the temerity to be a Canadian), and also Her Majesty’s Treasury, who reported that a no-deal Brexit would be ‘catastrophic’ and somewhat akin to throwing ourselves from The White Cliffs of Dover into a sea, boiling with hungry piranhas and female Great White Sharks suffering from acute pre-menstrual tension.

In short, this fool is an industrial strength, mewling pencil with blancmange for brains. Think Donald Trump in a top hat and tails.

Merry Christmas – Ed

PS: Many thanks to our fragrant and long-suffering graphics editor, Sofia, who toiled long and hard to make my own pathetic mock-up look a lot more presentable. Thank you, my lovely.