Interior design guru, Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen, has repeated his absolutely appalling ‘Santa’s Winter Wonderland’ spectacular of 2012 with another equally inept ‘extravaganza’ this Xmas

Hundreds of children were left crying with disappointment alongside angry, disgruntled parents after they visited Bowen’s, ‘Bumper Xmas Wonderland’ on wasteground in Spitalfields in East London last week, only to be greeted with ‘reindeer’ who were just dogs with bits of stick sellotaped to their heads, polystyrene ‘snow’ sparsely scattered over thick mud, and a ‘Santa’s Magic Grotto’ containing a bearded vagrant in a red jacket lying in a pool of shit and piss.

Bowen, 87, angrily defended his efforts last night: “What do these fuckers want for two hundred and fifty quid?” he told newsmen from outside his luxury home in London’s Belgravia.