Having lost their strongholds in Syria and Iraq, Islamic State forces have pulled back to the small Scottish town of Arbroath, where they are set to make a defiant last stand.

More than 200 fighters are holed up in bed and breakfast accommodation in and around the town centre where they remain defiant as thousands of Russian-backed Syrian forces mass on the perimeter.

Local people were divided on the issue when we spoke to a few last night:

Tobias McDell, a boilermaker aged 57, told us: “I’ve no real problem with the ISIS boys, to be fair.

“They’ve not been any trouble at all. In fact, they’ve provided a welcome boost to local shopkeepers by buying loads of fags and drink.”

McDell’s wife, Mary, 53, was less enthusiastic: “They’ve been a damn nuisance ever since they got here.

“They caused a bloody great queue in the butchers last week, and on Saturday night, there was so many of them in the pub I gave up trying to get served and had to pick up some cans from the off-licence”

Many are comparing the current situation to the infamous, Siege of Whitechapel in 1998, when over a thousand Al Qaeda fighters, set up a stronghold in and around The Blind Beggar public house, before being finally overrun by heavily armed West Ham United supporters from The Hammers Liberation Front.

Picture courtesy of The Daily Dafty, who ran the piece 2 days ago but still haven’t paid us for it.