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Painstakingly chosen pic of woman removing bra

In a recent study, it has emerged that 9 out of 10 women rank removing their brazier at the end of the day as the most pleasurable experience they have ever encountered during their entire lives to date.

Bra-removal came top of the list of the 10 most enjoyable female experiences. The runners-up were:

2: Eating cake
3: Looking at actor, Tom Hardy
4: Having another piece of cake
5: Noticing that a close friend has recently put on weight.
6 Turning up the central heating
7: Slamming car doors
8: Duvet hogging
9: Going into shops ‘just to have a look round’
10: Having a third slice of cake and another look at Tom Hardy

Gym exercise, commuting to work and intimacy with a partner failed to get into the top 100.

Editor’s Note: Choosing a picture for this piece was probably amongst the most arduous and unpleasant tasks I have ever undertaken in my entire career of news gathering, but I got through it somehow.