trump whelk

United States President, Donald Trump has complained that today’s milk cartons have become, ‘too fancy’ for the average man in the street to open and that manufacturers of the containers need to return to the old tried and trusted designs.

Speaking at a rally in Montgomery, Alabama, Trump told supporters: “Today’s milk cartons are just crazy. They’re way too fancy.

“They don’t even stick to one design. There seem to be so many different types these days.

“I spent over half an hour of valuable golfing time trying to open one last week.

“It was so damn tricky I had to call in Don Junior to give me a hand and even he couldn’t figure it out and he went to Harvard or one of those other fancy colleges

“In the end, I held it over the sink while Junior cut the top off with a pair of bolt croppers.

“The limeys seem to have the right idea when it comes to milk.

“They have these glass bottles with little silver paper tops that you just press with your thumbs

“Admittedly, the damn milk goes everywhere if you don’t get it just right but at least you get to pour something on your chocolate Wheetos”

This is not the first time the president has blasted modern innovations

In December last year, he hit out at the manufacturers of modern spectacles for not marking the lenses, ‘left’ and ‘right’