A 32-year-old Whitechapel man with convictions for internet harassment was blinded by sunlight on Monday morning after leaving his poorly-lit bedroom for the first time in over 3 years

Forest Waldren, unemployed from Commercial Street, suffered retinal trauma when he opened his front door to leave for the local benefits office who had demanded an interview with him to explain why he hadn’t made himself available for work since November 2014.

His mother, Nadine, 52, told The Whelk: “It was pretty shocking, to be honest

“Forest opened the door and then let out this scream of pain.

“I rushed over to him and asked what was wrong and he just kept repeating, “I can’t see, mum. I can’t see!”

“It was quite upsetting really, although we weren’t that close

” In all honesty, I didn’t see much of him. I used to leave his meals outside his door, and, once a month, I’d wash one of my dressing gowns that he always wore for his sessions at the computer

“I asked him why he didn’t get a nice girlfriend but he just ignored me.

“Having said that, I did once notice a large inflatable doll in the corner of the room, dressed in a French maid’s outfit”

A spokesperson for The Royal London Hospital where Waldren is being treated told newsmen that he’s in a stable condition and last night managed to issue a misogynistic slur against the plumpish one out of Little Mix using braille.