One of the petrified bodies attempting to pull down his sun visor.

Archaeologists made an incredible discovery yesterday when a team from Swansea University came across the petrified remains of 675 motorists in the notoriously congested, Brompton Road, West London.

The remains are believed to have been there undiscovered since roadworks got underway to repair a burst Roman cistern pipe in 44 AD.

A spokesman for the university told newsmen: “This is potentially an extremely important discovery that could help us to understand how our ancestors spent their time while stuck in heavy traffic in the Brompton Road”

Some of the petrified corpses appeared to be curled up on the back seats of their cars, apparently having a snooze during long periods stuck at temporary traffic lights, while others – believed to be London black cab drivers – were leaning out of their windows making obscene hand gestures at bus drivers.

This remarkable discovery comes just 6-months after an archaeological dig in Spitalfields, East London, unearthed the perfectly preserved body of a Bronze Age female believed to have been trying to cross Commercial Street during rush hour.