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Reports are coming in that controversial royal couple, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are going to spend a portion of the year living on the big face of pop icon, Olly Murs

It is understood, that as well as moving between the US and the UK, Harry and Meghan will be setting up a home on Olly’s massive face with a view to spending a few months of the year there away from the glare of publicity.

Meghan is known to be a big fan of the Dance With Me star and would often annoy the Queen and Prince Philip by bopping along to his latest tune while they were trying to watch Eastenders in the TV room at Windsor Castle.

Murs himself was remaining tight-lipped on the rumours last night but his mother, Olive, 75, told newsmen: “I can’t say too much on this one but I can tell you that a 15-bedroom residence with spacious grounds is already being built on Olly’s gigantic face and that we’re all getting very excited at the prospect of having some royals living on his huge dial”

Murs is no stranger to housing celebrities on his face. In 2003, Motown legends, The Jackson 5, spent two months in a purpose-built recording studio on his enormous face, working on their globally successful greatest hits album.