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A 23-year-old Whitechapel woman was in police custody last night after she ran amok with a butcher’s cleaver at her wedding reception leaving 15 guests dead.

Tracy Carter, a hairstylist from Vallance Road, was featured in the hit TV show, Say Yes To The Dress, last December where she chose her bridal gown aided by friends and female family members.

Guests at the plush reception at the Inn On The Park hotel in Plaistow, East London, looked on in disbelief as Carter raced onto the dancefloor and began hacking at guests with the weapon, leaving some victims decapitated.

There is currently no clear motive for Carter’s actions although there is speculation that she may have become enraged when the wedding photographer began taking pictures of guests as they took to the dancefloor.

The groom, Toby Dell, a toolmaker from Shoreditch, aged 27, told a reporter from the East London Gazette: “Tracy loved being the centre of attention and I think that she just lost her rag when the photographer began taking smudges of the other guests

“To be honest, it looks like I’ve had a bloody lucky escape. Imagine having to live the rest of your life with that nutter”

A spokesperson for Say Yes To The Dress said last night: “We’re obviously very sorry that one of our featured brides has gone off the rails like this, but people need to understand that a bride is under tremendous pressure on the big day so it’s hardly surprising when one of them runs amok like this from time to time”

Miss Carter appears at Whitechapel Magistrates Court on Monday charged with murder, affray, and leaving her wedding limousine in a disabled parking bay.