A recent study by The University of Guildford has found that bloggers with a large number of followers are infinitely better writers and produce a far more interesting blog than those with just a handful of devotees.

It was previously thought that people with a huge following were merely desperados in need of validation for their wretched output which could only be achieved by spending countless hours on the WordPress site, liking other blogs and dishing out the insincere platitudes in the comments section.

However, Professor Toby Dell, who headed the study, told The Whelk: “Our study has shown that the more followers and comments you have the better your blog is and there’s an end to it”

When pressed, Professor Dell admitted that he was a WordPress contributor himself with over 1.5 million followers at the last count.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I once spotted a blog on here, advertising the services of a septic tank-emptying company which boasted over 250 likes for a post offering to suck human excrement from a pit in your garden. Food for thought right there, folks.