An enterprising local window cleaner, suffering from coronavirus, has come up with an ingenious way of continuing to ply his trade during his spell of self-isolation by making a long-reach, hand on a spring in his garden shed.

Toby Dell, 54, told The Whelk: “I wasn’t going to allow a damn virus to stop me from carrying out my obligations to my customers, so I came up with the hand on a spring idea, and, thus far, it’s worked a treat.

“It extends for just under two miles, so I’ve been able to do most of the work on my round in Whitechapel but I can’t quite reach Spitalfields and Aldgate, so they will have to wait until I’m better”.

Mr Dell also told us that his invention has allowed him to continue to enjoy an active social life.

“In the evenings, I extend my hand on a spring to The Blind Beggar in the high street and the landlord puts pints of Stella and the odd packet of cheese and onion crisps in it throughout the evening.

“However, I did have one over the eight last night and had my hand thrown out and barred for pinching the barmaid’s arse”

Mr Dell declined any payment for his story, but he did ask for a single neoprene glove and some hemp-based barrier cream to stop his hand from becoming chapped on cold mornings.