brown lion eating meat
Dave the lion pictured enjoying a family member during yesterday’s carnage

Tragedy struck in a quiet Whitechapel Street yesterday when a circus lion that was being kept in a garden shed by its keeper killed and ate the man’s wife and four children.

Lion-tamer, Toby Dell, 42, from Vallance Road, told a Whelk reporter that he’d been working from home due to the lockdown and that the beast called Dave had escaped while he was out on his daily exercise.

A visibly shaken Mr Dell told us: “I can’t believe this has happened, to be honest.

“I came back from my half-hour walk and found the place empty.

“I looked everywhere but there was no sign of the wife and kids.

“Then I went out into the garden and spotted all these bones strewn around.

The shed door was wide open and Dave was fast asleep, laying in a sunny spot on the patio

“I knew it was the wife and kids because Dave had spat their clothes out. I suppose he didn’t want to get the material stuck in his throat.

“I realise I probably shouldn’t have brought him home but I didn’t want him turning wild during the lockdown after all my hard work down the years in taming him.”

Following the incident, the lion was shot with a tranquiliser dart and removed to a safari park where he has reportedly killed a roe deer, several local dogs and attacked a family of three in their Toyota Prius.