Elon we have a problem. A dejected Space X astronaut walks away from his rocket yesterday

Cape Canaveral Wednesday 4.17 EST:  The eagerly anticipated launch of billionaire, Elon Musk’s Space X rocket ship was abandoned this afternoon when the latest forecast from the meteorological office predicted the chance of light winds and the prospect of a few scattered rain showers around launch time

A spokesman for NASA told newsmen: “The met boys are telling us that it could get a bit blowy with a few showers around blast-off time so we’re going to hold off until it clears up a bit.

“We just can’t run the risk of being blown off course and ending up in the wrong galaxy or Wisconsin after all the cash Mr Musk has shelled out on the project.

“Also, the rain could impede the astronaut’s vision through the windscreen and they could end up going the wrong way, especially if the wipers pack up.

“We’ll have another crack at it on Saturday when it’s supposed to be quite nice with a bit of broken cloud and a few sunny spells”

The delay wasn’t appreciated by President Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence, who had travelled from Washington to witness the launch of the first US space mission in 10-years.

“Trump launched a Twitter tirade against Musk, calling him, ‘a losing deadbeat’

While Pompeo was overheard ranting at a NASA scientist, accusing the mission control technicians and the astronauts of being, ‘a bunch of lousy fags”

This latest event is in stark contrast to Scotland’s highly-successful maiden space voyage last year when they launched, Buckfast One in the middle of a June blizzard with both astronauts 6-times over the drink/drive limit.