prince andrew mug

Each commemorative mug is lovingly crafted by Bangladeshi slave kids who work 18-hours a day to perfect their craft.

Made from 100% pottery, these exquisite tea mugs can hold almost a third of a pint of your favourite brew.

Just don’t use boiling water or all bets are off breakage-wise.

So celebrate the special bond between these two wonderful human beings and raise a cheery mugful of Darjeeling to their time spent together roaring up underage children on a desert island.

Each mug normally retails at two hundred pounds each, but if you take advantage of our special Autumn offer, we’ll give you two for four hundred pounds without anything else thrown in free!

Send your cash money or bankers draft to:

The Whitechapel Mint, C/O The Blind Beggar Public House, Whitechapel E1

DISCLAIMER: I’m a thick-as-shit royalist who will buy anything if it’s got a member of the royal family’s dial on it. I fully understand that I may not receive a mug nor anything else for my money, and that if I complain I stand  more than a 50/50 chance of getting a really good clumping down a dark alley or in the comfort of my own home.