Pic courtesy of Troll About Town magazine

A notorious internet troll was found hanged in his bedroom just hours after a court ordered the seizure of the dressing gown belonging to his mother which he habitually wore when sitting at his laptop sending hate messages to people in the public eye.

The wearing of a mother’s dressing gown is famously de riguer for the troll community and it is believed that the confiscation of this man’s ad hoc uniform may have pushed him over the edge.

The order came from a magistrate at Croydon Court in South London where the unnamed man appeared yesterday on charges of harassment and a number of public nuisance offences.

The magistrate told him: “You are clearly a somewhat pathetic individual who seeks validation through abusing people with a higher standing in society than yourself.

“I am therefore confiscating your mum’s dressing gown and issuing an order that she keeps her new one under lock and key in the wardrobe”.

In 2018, a notorious North London troll threw himself to his death from Hammersmith Bridge after sending racist insults via Twitter to heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Joshua, who tweeted back that he had discovered the man’s IP address and would ‘be round for a chat later’.