Fox pictured masturbating through his trousers on the 130B from West Croydon to South Norwood last night

Controversial actor and right-wing, ‘Freedom To Choose’ campaigner, Lawrence Fox, caused a storm on social media last night when he tweeted that the embattled people of Ukraine should be grateful that they’re not being advised that wearing a face mask on public transport is the sensible option to avoid further transmission of covid 19.

In a series of outbursts, the former Inspector Morse actor stated: ‘These Ukrainian johnnies don’t know they’re born.

‘Yes I realise they’re being shelled morning, noon and night by a Russian army being led by a murderous lunatic, but they need to spare a thought for those of us who are constantly being harangued by the authorities to protect others from a potentially lethal virus by wearing face nappies on public transport.

‘I remember wearing one of those disposable paper ones for over ten minutes on the 47 bus to Surrey Quays at the height of the pandemic and when I took it off my chin and a bit of my neck had gone all red.

‘I felt oppressed and victimised by an authoritarian neo-communist regime and immediately called my mum to tell her what I was going through.

‘I’d love to see how some of these Ukrainian bedwetters would deal with that sort of trauma.

‘They don’t realise they’re born these damn people’

Although Fox’s comments were met with widescale derision he was backed up by Britain’s Got Talent judge and conspiracy theorist, Amanda Holden, who tweeted: ‘Lawrence is right. I wore a visor on the train from London Bridge to Thornton Heath once, a journey of around twelve minutes, and when I got off one of my tits was bigger than the other’