Zilchski. The Dell’s meter pictured on empty last night

In a shock move, seen as a reprisal measure for Britain’s continued military and political support for Ukraine, Russia last night announced that they will cut off the supply of gas to Number 27 Leman Street in the London district of Whitechapel from midnight tonight.

In a press release last night, the Russians made their position clear: ‘In view of Britain’s support for the rogue state of Ukraine, Russia will now cut off the gas to 27 Leman Street and if we could, we’d cut off their electric too’

The residents of the property are Mr and Mrs Toby Dell, both aged 54.

Mr Dell told newsmen: ‘This is a bit of a blow as our combi-boiler is gas-fired as is our central heating.

‘However, we will continue to support Ukraine in the war despite this move.

‘We will get round it by going to the wife’s mother’s place for our baths and a bit of a warm-up if it gets nippy in the evenings.’

This latest move by The Kremlin comes two weeks after a retaliatory Russian missile strike on the South London district of Bermondsey left thirty people homeless and over one million pounds worth of improvements in its wake.