Unrepentant: Samuel Dave pictured earlier

A 14-year-old cat from Clapham Junction in South London felt no remorse after defecating on a rug in the hallway of its owner after she had left the cat, named, Samuel-Dave, on its own due to work commitments.

Tracy Dell, a children’s nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital in central London, told us: ‘I had to go up north for the day to attend a conference where I was scheduled to deliver a keynote lecture on infant care.

‘I left Samuel-Dave a bowl of his favourite tuna recipe food and a saucer of full-cream milk.

‘I also asked a neighbour to pop in and keep him company from time to time until my return.

‘So, I wasn’t happy to find that he’d had a massive dump on the rug in the hall while I was out.

‘It was clearly done as a punishment measure for leaving him.

‘He was standing next to it when I came in. He looked calm and assured, without a hint of regret for what he’d done.

‘I was tempted to boot him up the arse, but I was afraid it might kill him due to his age, and I didn’t want that on my conscience, what with me being in the caring profession and all.’

This incident comes just two weeks after a 12-year-old Persian cat from neighbouring Balham forced itself to vomit over the clean washing pile after its owner left the premises for two hours to go ice skating in Streatham.