An 18-month-old Whitechapel baby yesterday afternoon had a panicky sinking feeling that he’d left his huge, colourful plastic phone on the number 24 bus after his mother got off in a hurry at Tottenham Court Road station.

The youngster reached for the device as his mother began pushing his buggy the short distance to Oxford Street with a view to ramming it into his mouth, making the buttons squeak during the gnawing process, only to find it gone.

Fearing that he’d dropped it on the bus during the hurried descent down the stairs, the child bawled lustily in the hope of alerting his mother to its loss.

However, his plaintive wails and whimpers went unheeded and his mother simply pushed a dummy into his mouth and told him: ‘Now shut up you little twat’

This incident comes just two weeks after a two-year-old youngster from neighbouring Aldgate went into paroxysms of ear-splitting screaming in the street after becoming convinced that he’d left his garishly coloured squeaky plastic hammer at his Aunt’s house following a visit.