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No 19th nervous breakdown for Mick as he celebrates another maximum at The Lucania snooker hall in Shoreditch

Rolling Stones legend, Mick Jagger, makes a maximum break of 147 points every time he plays a frame of snooker according to fellow band member, Ronnie Wood.

Ronnie, 109, himself a keen snooker buff, told newsmen: “Mick’s ability at the table is unreal.

“I’ve played him hundreds of times and he’s never failed to make a 147.

“He even made a 154 once when I played a foul stroke on the break-off and left Mick a free ball.

“I’ve often asked him why he doesn’t turn pro, but he shrugs it off and says he can’t be arsed with all the touring round the world that’s part and parcel of a successful player’s life these days.

“Apparently, he’s been knocking in the maximum breaks from the age of 8 when his dad used to take him down The Temperance Billiard Hall in Southwark and would use him to make a few quid in bets”

Woods’ revelation comes just two weeks after it was revealed that soul legend, Stevie Wonder, achieves a 9-dart finish every time he has a game of 501 down at his local in Detroit.