Sports broadcasting minnows, Eurosport, have made a successful bid to live stream a Ghana soccer fan carrying out his ablutions on the morning of the World Cup final on Sunday 18th of December.

The fan will be seen washing at the sink in his hotel room, cleaning his teeth and brushing his hair before setting off for the big match.

It is understood that Eurosport have also struck a pay-per-view deal that will enable premium viewers to watch him waiting outside for a bus to the ground.

Eurosport beat off competition from a number of minority broadcasters with a bid believed to be in excess of two hundred pounds, although the right-wing British TV company, GB News, pulled out when somebody told them that the fan was likely to be black.

The unnamed man will receive a fee of twenty-five pounds plus a complimentary bottle of Brut 33 splash-on lotion for agreeing to take part.

This latest coup eclipses the successful seventy-five pound bid the broadcaster made in 2012 for exclusive rights to stream the Wigan Athletic team bus driver checking his tyre pressures on the morning of the FA Cup Final clash with Manchester City at Wembley.